Northwest Passage

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Tour Length: 20 Days
Countries Visited: Canada, Greenland
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For centuries, fortune-seekers risked their lives to find the Northwest Passage, the fabled sea route running between Europe and Asia. It was considered the greatest geographical problem of the last three centuries, according to the New York Times of November 25, 1852. During this 18-day active adventure, cruise through the heart of the Northwest Passage. Experience first-hand those islands, waterways and wilds that still yield a gratifying sense of achievement for all those who make the voyage, including Beechey Island, made famous by explorers such as Roald Amundsen and Sir John Franklin. Long considered lost forever, the ships of the Franklin Expedition have been the subject of many searches over the years. In September 2014, the Victoria Strait Expedition conducted a large hunt for the two missing vessels, and on 7 September, 2014 the search team found the sunken remains of the HMS Erebus off the coast of King William Island.

Day 1 — Copenhagen, Denmark
Enjoy an included night in Copenhagen and meet your fellow travelers.

Day 2 — Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Just 60 km (37 miles) north of the Arctic Circle, Kangerlussuaq sits at the head of one of the longest fjords in Greenland. Musk ox and Arctic foxes inhabit the tundra-covered plain that surrounds the town.

Day 3 — Itilleq and Sisimiut
As we head north, the ship will reach the village of Itilleq, a typical Greenlandic village. Situated on a hollow, Itilleq is on an island without any fresh water.

Day 4 — Ilulissat
Ilulissat Kangerlua is Greenlandic for the Iceberg Fjord. The glacier at the head of the fjord is the most productive in the Northern Hemisphere. The icebergs it calves float down the fjord to enter Baffin Bay.

Day 5 — Eqip Sermia
You’ll visit one of the best-run small villages in Greenland, Saqqaq.

Day 6 — Uummannaq
You'll want to be out on deck as the ship approaches Uummannaq regardless of the time of day.

Day 7 — Baffin Bay
Baffin Bay is technically a sea not a bay; it is an extension of the Arctic Ocean, the massive body of water that separates Canada from Greenland.

Day 8 — Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
Arriving in the Canadian Arctic, the people of Pond Inlet or Mittimatalik – as it has been called by the Inuit for thousands of years – will welcome us to their town and the Artist’s Co-operative.

Day 9: Devon Island
In the Maxwell Bay region of Devon Island, you will go for hikes and cruise in Zodiacs as you visit a Thule site, where the ancestors of the Inuit lived.

Day 10 — Beechey Island
Just offshore at the western end of Devon Island is Beechey Island. There, on a stony beach, stand three grave markers; solemn reminders of the lives lost during Sir John Franklin’s search for the Northwest Passage.

Day 11 — Somerset Island
We'll call on Somerset Island, in Peel Sound, located above the 74th parallel directly on the Northwest Passage (close to 800 km north of the Arctic Circle).

Day 12 — Fort Ross and Bellot Strait
Through the night we'll be sailing in a southerly direction, following the coast of Somerset Island, just as Amundsen did. We plan to go ashore at Fort Ross, an uninhabited Hudson’s Bay Company trading post.

Day 13 — Victory Point
In 1845, John Franklin led an expedition of 129 British naval officers and seamen to the Canadian Arctic, tasked with finding the Northwest Passage. By 1848, they were presumed missing. Rescue missions were conducted for 32 years.

Day 14 — King William Island
Here, we’ll return to the site of Sir John Franklin's saga. For two winters, Franklin’s ships Erebus and Terror were beset in ice near the island. In 1848, the ships were abandoned.

Day 15 — Coronation Gulf and Cambridge Bay
Your Expedition Team will use ice charts, weather forecasts and their years of Arctic expedition experience to make the most of time spent in Coronation Gulf.

Day 16 — Bathurst Inlet
In the area around Bathurst Inlet, we’ll enjoy a hike on the tundra among the spectacular fall colors.

Days 17 and 18 — Amundsen Gulf
At the eastern end of the gulf is Dolphin and Union Strait, crossed in 1851 by Dr. John Rae, his two companions, two sledges and five dogs. At the completion of that expedition, Rae and his companions were only 80 km (50 miles) west of the beset ships of Sir John Franklin.

Day 19 — Kugluktuk (Coppermine)
Our final destination is the town of Kugluktuk. We will have a chance to explore and bid the community farewell. Day 20 — Edmonton (Departure) Today you can make you way home at your leisure or spend some more time in the Edmonton area.

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